Weight Watchers of Eastern Pennsylvania Beyond the Scale, Yoga

Focus on you!

When it comes to your body, mind and spirit…WORKSHOPS MATTER!

At WW of Eastern Pennsylvania, you’ll eat the foods you love while losing weight. Our easy to follow WW Freestyle Program is more flexible than ever. We are a community – inspiring one another as we build lives of health, joy, and connection.

How it works.

You’ll eat what you love.

Everything is on the menu! Our exclusive, proven WW Freestyle program gives you freedom to choose. You’ll eat well, discover fresh tastes, and savor life’s best moments with the people you care about most.

You’ll shift your mindset.

How you feel about yourself and this journey – whether you focus on losing weight or keeping it steady – is key. You’ll learn to think in new ways and handle tough moments with self-compassion.

You’ll find what moves you.

When you enjoy what you’re doing, making physical activity part of every day will come naturally. Get ready to feel stronger, more powerful, and proud of what your body can do.


Our one-of-a-kind rewards program will help you succeed along the way! WellnessWins sweetens the deal, delivering inspiration—and cool rewards—for the small steps you'll take towards reaching your goals. As you earn more and more Wins, you'll unlock higher tiers of rewards!