Exercise Tips for Commuters

If you're like most people, when Monday comes around, you're hardly raring to go back to work — but alas, you have no choice. What you do have control over is the way you get there. Forget the subway, the bus, and the car. Instead, work off the sins of the weekend by trying these enjoyable ways to get fit while you travel to your 9 to 5 job.

Walk This Way

"I walk to work every morning. It's a little over 3 miles, takes an hour, but I take the bus home in the afternoon." — Nancy

"Instead of taking the train or bus to work, I power walk 30 minutes to and from my job, squeezing in approximately one hour of low-impact cardio per day. This routine has stabilized my weight for over one year not to mention the added energy I have after work!" — Jodi

"I walk to and from work every day. It's about a 15-minute walk door to door and I walk fast. At the end of the day it really is an added half hour of exercise!" — Cori

Walking Tips

  1. Carry your things in a backpack, rather than a purse or briefcase, so that the load is balanced, and your arms are free to swing.
  2. Find the route with the least stoplights. That way you can maintain your pace without having to stop at each intersection.
  3. Wear athletic shoes and move at a brisk pace; don't just stroll along.
  4. Stay committed. Try not to give up and drive because it's too cold or you're too tired. Make it part of your routine and after a while you won't think twice about it.

Scootering Along

"My job is only a mile away from my apartment. However, that one mile can seem a lot longer if it is a hot day or if I'm running late. My solution: I scooter to work. It's fun, I incorporate physical activity into my daily routine, plus it's definitely a conversation starter." — Kathleen

Scootering Tips

  1. Get a lightweight scooter that folds up for easy carrying.
  2. Be aware of the conditions of the sidewalk. A well-maintained path is important to avoid accidents.
  3. Choose a route that has some uphill areas and some downhill spots, so you can push, but also enjoy a ride.

Roll On

Roll On "My husband and I are newlyweds, and we both exercise on our 4-1/2 mile commute to work. He rollerblades and I ride my bike alongside him. It's a win-win situation for both of us. He's lost 17 pounds since he started doing this." — Charly

"I take a 10-minute bike ride to work every day along the lake. I'm a busy PR executive, and get very little time for a workout, so this gives me a little bit of one and is also a great way to relieve stress." — Kellie

Biking Tips

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, then change at the office.
  2. Use a lightweight mountain or hybrid bike. You don't need a fancy road bike for commuting purposes.
  3. Have alternate routes planned to vary your scenery.
  4. On the way back from work, extend your ride.

Blading Tips

  1. Blade in traffic-free areas or find a pedestrian lane.
  2. Dress comfortably and wear knee pads and elbow pads and wrist guards for protection.
  3. Bring a change of clothing with you.
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