6 Bad Weather Workout Swaps

The weather outside may not be in your favor, but it doesn't have to put a damper on your fitness routine. Keep the momentum going with these tips and swaps.

  1. Take an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling can give you an equally intense lower body workout as running outdoors, says Shea, co-author of Run Like a Mother. The non-impact workout will also give your joints a break, and a competitive class setting might motivate you to push yourself harder.
  2. Lift weights. Rainy days are a perfect opportunity to mix up your routine. Grab a set of dumbbells and do some upper body moves such as front and side arm raises, curls, and kickbacks.
  3. Go mall walking. Many malls open early so you can do laps before shoppers arrive, says Anderson. Some malls even have groups that meet regularly. Call the business office at your local mall for more information.
  4. Do Pilates. It is a total-body toning workout and it gives you a similar elongating feeling as swimming. Search online to find a variety of DVDs.
  5. Do intervals on a treadmill. Alternate short bouts—30 to 60 seconds—of fast or uphill running with slightly shorter recovery intervals at a slower pace and no incline. “It’s a mind game to prevent boredom,” says Freytag.
  6. Just dance. Crank up your favorite tunes and groove around the house, says Murphy.
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